Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back to Earth!

Just been back from Pluto after a long hectic flight and it feels so nice to be among my friends, family and relations again.

The world has not changed enough since I left for my long journey apart from rising garbage mounds in Naples and the fact that biofuel suddenly has become the new 'killer' of mankind. :S

Interestingly, when attending a dinner by the AEMOP (Association of Expat. Mercurians on Pluto), although I was the 'star' of the evening, almost everyone complained of us humans as being the most polluting creatures in this universe and that everyone else feared the day when we, the humans will start making landfills on other planets.

Later that week, I had discussions with a delegation from Venus who were very excited about our very own Venice. Along with showing an interest in declaring Venice and Venus 'sister' townships they also signed a MoU to protest the Moon's activities that are threatening the survival of 'our' Venice.

And last but not least the most serious matter was discussed with representatives from Mars regarding their reservations on declaring the discovery of water on their planet and that they have installed a safeshield over the reserve preventing its visibility to human eye or telescope. Their concern was that if humans ever found out where on Mars water is, they would invade the planet to capture the source just as they did with a country called 'Eeeraak' on their very own planet.

I had no explanations to make :S

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