Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Copenhagen Diary: Street Performer at Strøget (the Pedestrian Shopping Street))

While walking down the Strøget one night, I saw this person singing some catchy tunes on his guitar. Strøget is considered to be the oldest and the longest pedestrian shopping streets in the world. Walking through its arteries, you can have a flavor of the Danish taste in shopping and also find international styles in clothing, fashion, electronics, soveniers, accessories, toys, food and pretty much everything else. Not to forget a diverse crowd of nationalities from across the world roaming the lengths of Strøget at any time of the day or night.

One thing I would suggest for sure; never use the services of money changers located at the beginning of the street near Radhuspladsen. They seriously overcharge and do not give you a worthy rate for your foreign currency.

More on Strøget in Copenhagen Diary will follow soon.


Nabeel said...

I love street performers, many of them are so talented but sadly, they don't have the money to promote their talent.

Shirazi said...

Wish you push this up as you piush at other places.

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