Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lahoris await the 'Clash of the Titans'

Much like the rest of the Indian Sub-continent, Lahoris are bursting with adrenaline rush for ‘the’ clash between Pakistan and India. The South Asian arch-rivals will battle for a slot in the finals of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 to meet Sri Lanka in Mumbai on April 02, 2011. What are Lahoris planning for the clash of the titans? Well, there is a mass-fever going on with projector screenings planned in public parks, open spaces, university campuses and even mohallas. Special arrangements are being done by corporates to entertain their employees with a company sponsored party. DHA Cinema and Cinestar both are selling over-priced tickets for the grand affair while all the happening eateries in Lahore including cafe’s, bistros, restaurants, hotels and even dhabas will play the match live from Mohali. Still, the majority of Lahoris will enjoy the match in comfortable confines of their homes with their close family and friends. Facebook and Twitter are already overloaded with over-optimistic, gladiatoristic rants and ‘naaras’ while the media on both sides of the border are buzzing in overdrive.
Whatever the consequence of tomorrow’s ultimate clash (or Thursday’s in case of rain) , the whole nation will stand united for one day at least. We do hope that Pakistan wins and beats ‘India’, yes, we do want to beat ‘India’ first and win the World Cup later. :)


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