Thursday, October 20, 2005

The act of helping the helpless...

In view of the calamity causing thousands of deaths in Pakistan, we at IBIT, University of the Punjab, launched a full scale relief drive. The relief effort was fully backed and co-ordinated by the SEC (Student Executive Committee), of which, I am the Secretary.

Sacks of warm clothes

The response was overwhemling with people helping us in collection of supplies, medicines and cash. In a short span of just 4 days, we were able to collect more than Rs.100,000. This was in addition to assembly of 120 family boxes containing basic supplies in the form of packets of pulses, wheat, rice, sugar, salt, biscuits, 2 bottles of water, 2 packs of milk, a blanket/quilt, some clothes, candles and matches.

Friends helping in preparation of Family Boxes

A Family Box

Other goods, that were collected in bulk and packed up separately, included warm clothes, bottled water, packaged milk, grains, juices and big boxes of medical supplies.

Food collections

Most of the collected money was spent on buying much-needed tents to be used as shelter by people suffering from hunger, thirst and the up-coming freezing winter.

Being a member of the SEC, I, alongwith other members, had to sacrifice some of my lectures, a bit of studies and had to devote much time and effort. But, it surely was not in vain. As our first truck carrying goods and tents has reached the affected areas yeasterday, I feel more delighted and satisfied than ever, for being able to HELP someone in need.


Anonymous said...

It seems that aid agencies and government officials seem to be concentrating in the main towns and cities like Muzzafarabad. What is being done to get aid to remote areas in the hills and valleys of Kashmir? There have been news articles and video footage of people travelling bare foot for hours at end to reach aid as the aid has not reached them. How are you ensuring that the aid you collect will reach those that need it the most?

It is quite clear that there is no shortage of help and aid. People from all corners of Pakistan and the rest of the world are collecting money and aid in the form of tents, blankets, food, medicines, etc. However, it is a great shame that all of these efforts are being wasted due to lack lack of organisation and direction. It is sad to see helicopters dropping food which hits the ground only to break the packaging and the contents are hence spilled on the floor. The looting of trucks carrying aid is another great misfortune in these testing times. Law and order seems to have broken down and man’s greed & selfishness seems to have taken over. Truck drivers charging extortionate rates to carry aid is another disappointing fact that has come to light.

Brea said...

Awesome work you are doing :)

Hasan Mubarak said...

anony: I totally agree with you

brea: Thank you for appreciating. After all we are doing all this for our own people.

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