Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Handling "5", Five...

my buddy Atif tagged me for the first time to do this:

5 years ago:

First of all I was 5 years younger than what I am today. I was in my teens and loved to read Young Times. The most favorite topics of discussion among friends included talks about parents' restrictions on poor teens, the newly discovered idea of privacy, ways to increase our pocket money, and about just how to prepare for the next test at the Academy...

As studies were getting serious in the 9th grade, I was made to join a strict academy for after-school coaching. Now, I wonder I really didn't need that coz it really didn't make me an Einstein afterall.

1 year ago:

To my parents' delight, I was peforming great in studies. This came just after I didn't get the first position in Lahore Intermediate Board. The reason, which they still donot believe in, was simple; I simply wasn't interested in Engineering.

Despite getting admission into one of the most prestigious Engineering Universities in Pakistan (i.e. NUST), I had decided to switch my field of studies for good. And that's why my parents are proud of my performance as an under-training Marketing Manager with multiple scholarships achieved to date.

5 Songs which I know all the words to:

- Tere Bina Dil Naa Lagay - Faakhir
- My Heart Will Go - Celine Dion
- Kahani Mohabbat Ki - Strings
- Najanay Kyun - Strings
- Woh Lamhey- Atif Aslam

Don't laugh at me, but seriously, I really cannot remember any of those lyrics for long.

5 snacks I enjoy:

- Mc Chicken with Cheese
- Zinger by KFC
- Nando's Flame Grilled Chicken & Chiken Burger
- Coke n' Fries (I just love having them together)
- Stuffed Chicken Breast with Pineapple sauce

5 Things I’d like to do with 100$ million:

- Building myself a huge mansion in the center of my own golf course
- Constructing an underground mass-transit for Lahore
- Saving some of it for my days at Stanford or Oxford
- Buying my mom a brand new Beetle & gifting my Dad a gracious BMW
- Investing for future

and I really don't wanna say it but as a formality;I would save some for the rainy day.

Did I exceed my balance limits?

5 places I would run away to:

- my home & my farm house(when I'll have one)
- the paradise; without any accountability for my sins
- Malaysia
- Bath, UK
- Lake Saif-al-Maluk, Northern Areas, Pakistan

5 thing I would never wear:

- Bracelets
- Glasses
- Braces
- A greedy smile (like that Grinch's)
- any Girly stuff .

5 Favourite TV shows:

- Megastructures
- Fear Factor
- Oprah Winfrey Show
- Des Pardes
- Any documentary on Pakistan by a foreign film-maker/traveller

5 Greatest joys:

- Getting appreciated by Parents and Friends
- Getting scholarship in each semester
- Buying a new mobile phone
- Going for Umrah and visiting the UK next year
- Elimination of all grievances in the World
plus one more
- The ultimate discovery of my own self

5 favorite toys:

- My Burago Beetle
- My Lego Service Station
- My age-old, battery-operated Jumbo Jet
- My brother's PS2
- My huge collection of miniature models of Automobiles; "Dinkies"

5 people I am tagging: Yasir, Brea, AsianSmiles, Amna, Ayesha


Punk Dervish said...

If you win 100 m$ now you are going to be in stanford five years from now according to your plans.

Hasan Mubarak said...

You never know Atif, I may change my plans for Harvard... lol

Jhonny said...

well datz ma first tAme i vistied dis blog thing. ( n now u can imagine, atm i just cant think nyother way 2 kill ma tAme).
well by reading dis first post all i can say is: "dreAm as if you'll live forever.Live as If yOu'll die today".

Hasan Mubarak said...

nice thought!

Yasir Hussain said...

I bid you good luck in future, and thanks for the tag!

Hasan Mubarak said...

You are most welcome...

Anonymous said...

One of our greatest joys would be to see you here in London next year too! Here's hoping to see you soon!

Hasan Mubarak said...


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