Monday, October 10, 2005

The Day that shook us!

It is not that much easy to make me awake early in the morning, especillay on a lazy Saturday. It was proved wrong this Saturday when a shockingly jolty Earthquake struck Lahore. As I started hearing windows rattling, I could only imagine heavy downpour that may have marked the arrival of winter. But then, it was like someone shaking me fiercely. This made me sit up on my bed. As I tried to remove the sleepy curtain off my eyes, to my utter horror, I found my elder brother standing under a door panel. It, then, came to my conscious that I was sitting on my bed when the whole house was shaking like I have never seen before. Immediatley, after gaining full senses I rushed to another panel while shouting to get my little brother awake.

The horrific quake lasted for an unusual 2+ minutes as it continued to scare the hell out of us. The shaking walls made the chandelier in our TV- lounge swing as if it was going to come down any moment. The rattling sound made by windows was making the scene even more terrifying.

To make it worse another wave, though of lighter intensity, followed the first one just after five minutes. Later, we came to know that parts of Northern Pakistan were struck with the strongest earthquake in Pakistan's history at 8:55 AM Saturday morning. The shaky phenomenon continued for a good two-three minutes.

The earthquake panicked people in at least 14 major Pakistani cities including the capital; Islamabad, its twin city Rawalpindi, Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Sialkot. However, the worst struck were the parts of Northern Pakistan including Azad Kashmir where thousands are feared dead.


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Sana Shahzad said...

Itz the time to think y Allah annoyed with us in this holy month of blessings n try to improve ourselves.....beside this pleeease donate as much as u can to help the poor humanity.

Research Cooperative said...

Dear Hasan,

Thanks for your report. I know the feeling. When the Hanshin earthquake hit us here in Japan, I just curled up like a baby in its womb, feeling utterly helpless, and then I ran for the door, with my wife calling out: "Come back, come back!" In Japan, at least, it is considered safer to stay inside if you live in a tall building.

Note: I have set up a blog for friends in Kohat City, NWFP, and will try contacting them tomorrow. Please see KUST Contact, and Kohat University of Science and Technology

Hasan Mubarak said...

May be that is because Japanese buildings are made to withstand such jolts.

Here in Pakistan, an earthquake of this magnitude was never even imagined in dreams...

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