Thursday, November 10, 2005

Balance Sheet of Life

Our Birth is our Opening Balance
Our Death is our Closing Balance

Our Prejudiced Views are our Liabilities
Our Creative Ideas are our Assets

Heart is our Current Asset
Soul is our Fixed Asset

Brain is our Fixed Deposit
Thinking is our Current Account

Achievements are our Capital
Character & Morals, our Stock-in-Trade

Friends are our General Reserves
Values & Behaviour are our Goodwill

Patience is our Interest Earned
Love is our Dividend

Children are our Bonus Issues
Education is Brands / Patents

Knowledge is our Investment
Experience is our Premium Account

The Aim is to Tally the Balance Sheet Accurately.
The Goal is to get the Best Presented Accounts Award


bart said...

well written, nice verse and so very true :D
keep well...

Sana said...

I sure wanna memorize all this...!!!cool i liked it...gr8 work!

Michael Manning said...

Hasan: I am so saddened to learn of the earthquake. Last night I saw some of our reservists who lost their own homes in the flood in New Orleans helping excavate. My thoughts and prayers are with your country!

AsianSmiles said...

That's a fun post Mr. H. I really enjoyed it.

May I add some?

Family - Retained Earnings
Ultimate Goal - pass the audit on the judgment day.



Brea said...

Too bad I can't balance my checkbook ;)

defiant goddess said...

That was awesome.

Hasan Mubarak said...

bart: thanks

sana: thanks to you too!

Michael: Thank You so much. Keep praying for the most affected...

asiansmiles: great addition. lol

brea: I hope one day you will be able to...

goddess: thanks for liking it

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