Thursday, November 03, 2005

Its EID!; Sharing a sad moment of happiness...

The moon sighting has just been announced which means that we, here in Pakistan, will celebrate the happy, holy occasion of EID tomorrow.

EID is to Muslims as Christmas is to Christians. It comes as a gift from God for those who kept fasting throughout the Holy month of Ramadan. It is for those who have 'actually' learnt something during this period of self-control and patience.

EID will be celebrated tomorrow. The early morning prayer ceremony will mark the beginning of the occasion. Later during the day friends and family will have reunions and celebrations. There will be charity, there will be sharing and there would be fun too.

But, in many ways, this EID will be different from the previpous ones. It is because EID will not be all about happiness for hundred of thousands of our fellows this time. It would, rather, be an occasion that will grieve them for the moments spent with their loved ones as many of them are no more.

We will celebrate with then as we are never going to forget our brothers and sisters in grief.

May God help them smile and celebrate again, forever and ever! Amen.


S.G. said...

yes indeed.... a day to celebrate..but infact a day which has made us gone more sad...
v might be smailing..but not reallly happy...

still i wish u and everyone a day which would bring the best..ameeen
eid greetings

Rose said...

I wish you still a great day and happy EID..the pictures are so beautiful and colorful..

S.G. said...

is it that my browser is not updating the pages or u didnt post anything??????

check my blog and do read that post it is for all of us.

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