Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pakistan gets women combat pilots

The Pakistani Air Force (PAF) has inducted four women as fighter pilots for the first time.

"The women were part of a batch of 36 cadets who were awarded flying badges after three years of gruelling training at the PAF academy at Risalpur.

Being a fighter pilot has until now been a purely male domain. Women could join the armed forces but only for non-combat jobs like the medical corps. Three years ago the PAF decided to allow women to train as fighter pilots."

"It was a passing out parade with a difference. Never before had any woman been part of the batch of fighter pilots being awarded flying badges. And the difference was recognised by the vice chief of the army, Gen Ahsan Saleem Hayat, who handed out the certificates of honour to the successful men and women cadets.

Expressing his delight, Gen Hayat said the air force had taken the lead to induct women in the combat units of the armed forces."

"Although these trailblazers were few in number, many instructors admitted their presence was already being felt.

At the passing out, one of the graduating women flying officers, Nadia Gul, received the trophy for best academic achievement along with two of her male colleagues who got trophies for best flying performance and general duties.

The air force academy is still male-dominated, and it is not clear what the real feelings of the male cadets have been to the induction of women into the fighter pilot programme. Officially, most have welcomed the move.

Even so, the fact that four women are now officially fighter pilots is a clear indication that the new policy of opening up the combat units of the Pakistani armed forces for women is here to stay."

News Courtesy of BBC News


kathi said...

WOW, I'm completely blown away!

Brea said...


Jawwad S said...

i think its better to leave some jobz for man

Anonymous said...

The reason why there are'nt many women fighter pilots is that, biologically it is not possible for us and the Govt. spends so much of money on the training but eventually, if the woman gets married her tenure gets restricted coz' of her maternal reponsibilites.
But nonetheless it's a great move.

RaY-ZoR said...

Oh yes, I read about this on a website. There are four of them so far! These women make us all proud, and pave the way for other women to join the armed forces and defend their nation.

I'm sure a lot of people will be opposed to this move, but it's for the best I believe. They are definitely capable of undergoing all the physical straings involved in this job, so why shouldn't they be given the chance? I'm reallyl proud of these women and our country!

Abrar said...

I would like these LADYKILLERS to bomb those Talibans out of Waziristan!! That will teach them somehting for all those things they did to the WOMEN in AFGHANISTAN

black feline said...

one great step forward!

Trailady said...

I'm very happy these women have the opportunity to use their skills in defense of their country. They are certainly capable! Joan of Arc was a woman warrior and a respectable figure in history.

As for me, I don't wish to be involved in combat. I'm a peaceful person and not at all inclined to fight or kill like men. I'm more suited to humanitarian work. I would do far better tending to the wounded and praying with the dying. The greatest weapon by which to destroy an enemy is love.

Ashley said...

bahut achcha hai!

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