Saturday, September 17, 2005

Most Effective Theories of Conflict Prevention:

The Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention

Countries with McDonald's branches don't go to war with one another. ( Held true until the1999 U.S. bombing of Belgrade)

The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention

Countries that are part of the Dell supply chain don't go to war with one another. (Still holds true)

Friedmanese-English Dictionary; phrases used by Tom Friedman in his writings and speeches.

Tom Friedman is the one man that charms the world's most influential people. His twice-weekly columns in the New York Times and the four books written by him are equally lauded by the politicians, bureaucrats, capitalists, CEOs, the gurus of globalization, celebrities, royalties and elites from the world over... So much so that even Queen Rania of Jordan likes to share her fries with him at socialite parties.

His latest book, The World Is Flat got published this April and still is near the top of bestseller list.

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