Monday, August 01, 2005

King Fahd of Saudi Arabia dies

King Fahd, Saudi Arabia's ruler since 1982, has died.

Saudi state television announced Crown Prince Abdullah, his half-brother, had been named as King Fahd's successor.

King Fahd had been frail since suffering a debilitating stroke in 1995 and had delegated the running of the kingdom to Crown Prince Abdullah. Members of the royal family have pledged allegiance to Abdullah. An official ceremony confirming him as king is due to be held on Wednesday.

King Fahd's funeral is scheduled for Tuesday.

Defence Minister Prince Sultan is next in line to the throne after Abdullah, his half-brother, and was named crown prince.


May Allah bless the soul of the late Khadim-e-Harmain, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

I condole the Saudi people and the whole of ummah on this event of great sorrow...


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