Friday, August 05, 2005

"The Sahara" expands north...

According to a recent report in Newsweek, it was noted that almost 40,000 Europeans died of the heat during the blazing wave of 2003...

Ever-rising temperatures, melting glaciers caused by the Global warming are raising water levels in the Mediterranean and causing droughts all across Southern Europe.

Additionally, urbanization has resulted in loss of thousands of hectres of farmland and reduced agricultural output. In Spain, rising heats and building of golf courses that consume water enough to support a town of 13,000 have resulted in dried rivers, severe water shortages and desertification warnings.

Again, this year Spain and Portugal are suffering of the worst droughts in decades. In addition, water shortage & decreasing rainfall has resulted in raging forest fires that have resulted in loss of thousands of acres of green lands and killing of endagered species of animals.

All of these are signs of the climatic changes as a result of Man's havoc that he has been wrecking onNature, now for millenniums.

There's enough evidence of Sahara expanding north of Africa across the Mediterranean right into the Southern Europe that could turn Milan into the next Timbuktu in less than a century...

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